Thursday, August 13, 2009

Political Art For Sale

Today, I am in a selling mood. Perhaps this is a good day to promote my art. While there are paintings that I am working towards, I have a number of pieces of political art for sale right now. These are all painted on black paper envelopes that measure 9" by 12" or 10" by 13", and are painted with acrylics. Some are already framed. All prices quoted will be for framed paintings, and will include shipping. If you go to:

you can see several pieces from The Envelope Collection. Anyone interested in buying an original painting, not a print, please contact me either through a comment on Moneythoughts, or on Facebook, under Frederick D. Zigler. Do your holiday shopping early. August could be your month to own an original piece of art.

Stay tuned.


Jientje said...

I have great respect for the painter in you, I love your art. I hope you can sell some of it.

moneythoughts said...

My painting will sell after I'm not around. And, they will be collected outside the United States.

It is nice to know you like my work. Thank you.

My sunflowers paintings will be more mainstream. I wonder if Vincent thought that that too?

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Hi Fred,

I put your links up on Twitter. Hope it drives at least a couple of people to your BLOGS and to the enticement of your great work ie: you sell!

moneythoughts said...

Thank you Kathryn. I appreciate your help.

Jientje said...

From what I learned reading the story of his life, Vincent's only concern was how to earn his next meal? Vincent never got the benefit of his talents, I don't think he even KNEW he was talented. I often wonder about that.

I hope YOU sell yours though.

moneythoughts said...

Thank you.