Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Did The Ancient Egyptians Have An Image For A Derivative?

The ancient Egyptians used a picture writing called Hieroglyphics to communicate, and while it is believed that they used 2, 000 images, I doubt that they had an image for a derivative. Since the concept of a derivative is below the radar of so many people in the United States today, the politicians can ignore the fact that these derivatives are going to take us down again. When all the players load up on derivatives and the game of trading and swapping them is in high gear, someone will decide to let go because the circle is spinning too fast. That person who releases first, and then wants to convert his holdings into cash begins the panic. As more demand cash or collateral, the panic grows until the Federal Government steps in with a bailout and makes most of the well connected players whole. Guess what? If you don't know it now, we are riding the same train down the same tracks to the same conclusion. Enough said, how about another picture of my very own hieroglyphics? The above drawing is just another piece of my political art before I apply my acrylic paint.

Stay tuned,


Julie Schuler said...

Your drawing is so neat and precise! Not all hairy like mine.

moneythoughts said...

Julie, I love your drawings. I think they are great, and I think your work would look great in children's books. I have said this several times, you do fine work.

For my political satire stuff, I use a ruler and a straight edge a lot. And, in this one I was playing around with too many lines. Hopefully the final painting will be easier to view.