Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Senator Bunning And The State of Kentucky

Kentucky is a beautiful State. I have seen a good bit of the State and I enjoy driving through Kentucky almost anytime of the year. Unfortunately, while the State has an abundance of natural beauty, it has its weaknesses too. Senator Bunning is just one of Kentucky's weaknesses that will be leaving office very soon. Senator Bunning has been in the national news lately because he has now decided that we should stop borrowing and pay for things at the Federal level as we go. There is nothing wrong with this principle of pay-go if it is uniformly applied to everyone. Where was Senator Bunning during President George W. Bush's administration when it came to pay-go? The answer is: he wasn't there. When President Obama came to office, Senator Bunning became religious and decided that now was the time to hold the line on pay-go. Yes, extending unemployment benefits and other monies for projects and working people became secondary to Senator Bunning's new found religion. Well, the good news is, Senator Bunning finally relented and the hold he had placed on the bill to extend benefits has now passed.

Kentucky deserves better, but Kentucky as a State doesn't even have good horse sense. People of Kentucky, you are being held back by your own ignorance, and that ignorance manifests itself in the most anti-intellectual monument in the State, the Creationist Museum. This monstrosity is an affront to science and the intellectual curiosity of humankind. It ties your State to a state of ignorance that only typifies the overall condition of the people of your State. Senator Bunning and the Creationist Museum belong together because they represent what holds this beautiful State in a state of economic and intellectual poverty.

Stay tuned.


Julie Schuler said...

That was some of the most cynical grandstanding I ever saw. I couldn't watch too much of it, as I already had an upset stomach.

winslow said...

Your ideas are always astute and common sense. Why can't our politicians demonstrate as much intelligence and sound ideas.

Butch said...

I knew it wouldn't last. Either his aids or the party was surely going to stop him. He was picking on people of need and that alone can kill a vote. That other crap hole from down south isn't holding, at least in his mind, any Americans hostage. Only the prez and the nominees for appointments. But, he is too holding the public hostage because things need to get done. Maybe, if the spots aren't filled too soon we can figure that they were overhead too and move on without them.

It's all just a bunch of beauracracy and politicians thrive on that.