Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Not Perfect, But It's A Start

When you write, just as when you paint, each person that reads or views your work has their own interpretation of what you have said. It is not my intention to fight with medical doctors or anyone involved with the delivery of health care services. My interest is in those that do not have. Those children that have a pre-existing condition and do not have health care coverage are my concern. People that get sick and get dropped by their health care provider, their insurance company, are my concern. Those families that have a catastrophic illness and are forced to exhaust their financial resources and then forced to file bankruptcy and lose their home, are my concern. These issues and a few more that concern themselves with a level playing field for those with less because of their station in life, is my concern.

I respect doctors, nurses and all those that are involved with the health care industry, but I will not remain quiet while others with less than me go without. Health Care Reform is long over due, and while I have been blessed with good health all my life, and have had health insurance and cash to meet my and my family's needs, I recognize that others have not been so fortunate. This new Health Care Reform Bill may not be perfect, as few things are the first time put together, but it is a start.

Stay tuned.


winslow said...

Perceptions are interesting. I agree with you 100%. We are the only industrialized country that does protect the health of all its' citizens.

Butch said...

I was reading an article yesterday where a wife had to divorce her husband of 44 years because that is the only way she herself could survive after he would pass. His only faults were getting alzheimer's and living longer today than man did a century ago.

We create means to keep us healthy and to live longer but we don't create or accept the need to have the means to pay of the longivity.

Like you said in an ealier post, the auto wasn't perfected at first. This too will take time to make better.

winslow said...

my bad...... I meant to say "the U.S. does not protect the health of its' citizens" compared to other industrialized countries.