Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Republican Party: Politics As Usual

The health care debate, the wars, homeland security and fighting terrorism are all in the news and shaping people's attitudes about President Obama. And, yet the big issue, the economy is the one that will mostly likely decide whether he is a one-term or a two-term president. Remember what the Clinton administration said, "it is the economy stupid." Well, it is the economy and there are a lot of stupid people out there that vote. Kentucky is the state that I pick on a lot, but they are by no means the only state that the Republican Party can persuade to vote against their own self interest.

As I have said before, I watch far too much MSNBC for my own health. Thank goodness I got off my butt and took a bike ride yesterday afternoon and got a little fresh air circulating through my body and hopefully the few brain cells that are still functioning. MSNBC either can't say what they think or they don't think. The issue of the Obama Presidency is at the heart of the Republican Party's strategy. If President Obama is a successful president, the Republican Party may be on its last leg. Why? Because they serve a very narrow base economically and as for their rhetoric, you can keep people hungry so long before they get some smarts. If the economy gets a whole lot better over the next two years, people will realize that this black president can play quarterback in the NFL. When that realization sets in, the Republican Party and their tea-bagger friends and their racist posters will disappear from the political debate, the black man will have won another round.

So, with unemployment hanging around 10% and the Republican Party in no hurry to fix it, the fight is on for the survival not of the nation, but of the Republican Party. The southern strategy that the Republican Party has ridden for over 40 years may be coming to the end of a long ugly wave. History changes slowly, it is evolutionary more often than it is revolutionary. Now that the financial crisis is over for the moment, it is politics as usual.

Sty tuned.


winslow said...

What is really amazing is that the stock market has rebounded between 60% and 80% since hitting its' lows 1 year ago.....and NO ONE in the Republican party or any right -winger on the news has given Obama any credit for not causing a 1929 panic. This really shows that everyone is for the emergence of a stronger America!!!!!

LceeL said...

The thing is - I'm worried. I feel an unease in the American people. I feel a growing disenchantment with the political process as practiced in the last few years. I feel a growing pressure for change.

Change could be good. But I am concerned for the backlash - because the change that could come could cost many people their power and their money - and the question is - just what will they do to protect the status quo?

And Sarah Palin and her Tea Party friends may be inadvertently doing us all a favor - the two party system no longer serves us well. Her 'third party' might just be the seed of many more 'Parties' - which would (or SHOULD) be the death knell for Partisan Politics. I hope so.

P.S. SO not a Palin fan - but she just may be the luckiest stoopid politician in the world.

Julie Schuler said...

I am disillusioned with everything, especially "horde of locust capitalism" as we practice it. It is not good at all that a hamburger costs a dollar- it means the cost of erosion, deforestation, pollution all gets pushed onto other, poorer people, and no one is even allowed to question if this system of redistributing costs is any good. I swear, it seems our species as a whole is only good for one thing- driving everything else to extinction, capitalism is just effete, sanitized cannibalism, and I hate having to be in it. I hate shopping at Walmart. I hate having no control over what I support with my purchases and taxes. I'm going to go into the woods and live like a hermit someday.