Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Genius of The Republican Party

While I am not a Republican, I admire their shear genius. They know how to fight, I will say that for them. They don't concern themselves with fighting fair, they concern themselves with fighting to win. And wining is what fighting is all about.

Take the Health Care Bill that is going to be up for a vote in Congress today. The Republicans say it will destroy the country. Well, you know they maybe right, but, in my opinion, the Republican Party is on its way out. They have pedaled their brand of fear for many years. They have been against many issues that revolved around the culture wars within the United States, and now they can add Health Care reform to the long list of things the Republicans have been against. In plain English, the Republican Party today is for the status quo. Do you know what the status quo is? Are you happy with the status quo as it concerns health care? Well, if you feel or think that health care in the United States is just fine the way it is, then you are for the status quo. But, if you feel or think that the status quo as far health care is concerned is not where we should be as a country, then you are against the status quo and you should line up behind the Democrats trying to pass this piece of legislation.

The genius of the Republican Party is that they can get people to line up against their own self interest. In other words, the Republican Party can serve the poor people of this country a plate crap and tell them to eat and like it and they will. That, in my opinion, is genius! Why not protect the health insurance companies from collecting premiums and deny benefits? The CEOs of these insurance companies don't make enough money? They already have too much competition? Pre-existing conditions should not be covered? People should be dropped when they get sick and need to use their health insurance?

Yes, it is just that simple, and there are millions of simpletons out there that shovel down the crap that is put before them. Eat up you poor fools, they haven't figured out how to put a stent in your collective brains!

Stay tuned.

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Julie Schuler said...

I am going to keep going for single payer universal. Just about everyone that gets sick ends up on government insurance- after the insurance companies shake them down and toss them aside- think of the care everyone could have if we just put all those premiums into one health care delivery system that works for everyone!