Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Health Care Reform Bill and Your Reality

Now that the Health Care Reform Bill has passed, the Republicans are talking about repealing the Bill. Well, if they get the votes, I guess they could, but I think once people get control of their thinking processes that they will realize that this Health Care Bill is not going to hurt them, but rather give them some security that they do not have, unless they are members of Congress. The purpose of health insurance is to protect people, not to make a few CEOs very wealthy. But, just as other changes were fought against, like Civil Rights, change comes hard to people because they fear what they don't know. Eliminating a pre-existing condition for children is no small issue if you have a child with a pre-existing condition. Being dropped by your health insurance provider is no small issue, it can happen and it does. Being put in bankruptcy because a member of a family has a catastrophic illness and a family's financial resources are exhausted is no small issue. These and more things are addressed in this new Health Care Bill, but it is not perfect, but it is a start. My gut tells me that when the majority of the people get to know what this Health Care Reform Bill will do, that they will prefer the future to the status quo. I look forward to watching President Obama sign this piece of legislation because I believe it is good for the vast majority of the people, and I think they will eventually realize this very soon.

Stay tuned.


LceeL said...

In November of 2008, this country put on its 'big boy pants' and elected Obama. Now, the 'big boy' is putting the arm of care and comfort around each and every American. Ot trying to, anyway. Rather than saying, "Tough patootie, Slick, you're on your own", the message now is "You're an American and we take care of our own." Roughly. That may not be the precise message, yet, but it will get there. Someday. I hope.

Jientje said...

Change seems to be the hardest word!

Butch said...

Isn't it amazing that since Roosevelt, there have been presidents from both parties that said that the American people needed some form of health care. It got soooooo close with one Republican, Nixon, but that went away with his own bad doings.

I'm 63 and had my dad not had health care when I was born I would not be here today.

I'm not sure when the turning down coverage for those that had policies started. I'm not sure that it wasn't done 63 years ago or if we had health care no matter what.

My dad was like a congressman in a since, he was Air Force so he was government. I was born what was called a "blue baby" or VSD (ventricular septum defect). Basically, I had a hole between my ventricals so I was getting oxygenated blood fully.

At age 4, I had a procedure done (Blalock (blā'lŏk'), Alfred. 1899-1964. American surgeon who developed surgical techniques for repairing congenital defects of the heart and associated blood vessels. With pediatrician Helen Taussig he developed the pulmonary bypass operation for the treatment of blue babies) to help get more oxygen in my blood stream. At age 13 I was one of the first open heart patients in the country. Thius was done at Fitzimond General Army Hospital in Denver, CO. Today, I live with a pacemaker, issues related, I don't know, doesn't really matter. I'm still verticle and I have health care fortunately.

This July 7th it will be 50 yrs. since my open heart surgery. Had we not had insurance or had the insurance company been able to "just say no" I wouldn't be here.

I wonder how many people, children or adults, die each year because they either don't have insurance or are turned down for insurance.

Hey Rush, your back might not have been treated if you hadn't had insurance. Of course you wouldn't have become a druggie either because your insurance paid doctor wouldn't have prescribed your insurance paid drugs. So, go after your doctor and your insurance company like you go after other innocenct people. Leave the world alone. Go ahead and do us a favor......move.

Sarah P., do you have insurance on all your family? They are ALL important in the world. How would you like to have been turned down for just one of your kids? Go ahead and move with Rush.

The unfortunate thing I see now is that the economical reform that this country, and others need and will follow, will be an even bigger up hill battle. This was THE BATTLE for the Republicans, the party of No and ALL ABOUT ME.