Wednesday, March 24, 2010

President Obama And Health Care Reform: The New Reality

President Obama signed the Health Care Reform Bill yesterday, but the fighting is not over. Why? I am sure there are many opinions as to why the Republicans are still fighting against this piece of legislation. Now here is mine.

Naturally, we all have our on twist to interpreting historical events that we read about and current history that we see or experience, and I am no exception. For those of you who may be new to my blog, I was born in 1942, and I have lived in the United States my whole life except for the two years I was in the US Army and stationed first in Georgia and later in Korea. I have read a fair amount of American Literature dealing with race and race relations written by both black and white authors and I have listened to people talk when, in my younger days, I hitch hiked around the country. I know something about the Social and Intellectual History of the United States and I have witnessed first hand American style racism against black people.

The use of the "N" word and the spitting by protesters of the Health Care legislation, directed at black members of Congress and encouraged by the all white Republican minority members of Congress is hardly out of character for the America that I grew up in. The whole Republican Southern Strategy is based upon racism against black people in general, and the unspoken, yet deep seated belief among white men in positions of power and influence, in the inferiority of the black man. Can a black man play quarterback in the NFL was just one of many hurdles that the black man had to fly over to make the point that there is nothing a black man can't do that a white man can.

The Republican Party with its lack of diversity, except for a very few people of color, is on its way out, but they just don't know it. Once all the fear about the new legislation is put to rest, and people realize what a more level playing field looks like when it comes to health insurance, they will come to realize also that the Democrats are the party of the people and for the people. As the truth about the Health Care Reform Bill becomes known and the reality and the myths are separated, people all over the country will come to realize the great job of leadership our President has provided.

Stay tuned.


Julie Schuler said...

I was astounded by Tony Blankley's article on Huffington Post today. It's already gone, but it was just a rambling rant about how afraid the conservatives were about health care, with no reasons why! And that Jackass makes money with his writing, why can't I?!

Butch said...

This morning I saw a brief on a new poll that shows there is a swing in the numbers of those (general public) who now favor the health care reform. Maybe people are starting to listen differently or read and not listen. This was on one of the Fox stations. Thought is was ironic that they put it up so quickly.

Next hurdle, Wall Street. No Republican support there either.

LceeL said...

From your mouth to Yahweh/God/Allah's ear.