Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Republican South & The Political-Economy

The Health Care Bill is all in the news, and I just love to hear all the Southern Republicans members of Congress talk about how the Federal Government is taking over so much of our economy (1/6). Well, it makes me smile. Why? You know how many military bases are in the southern states in the USA? Well, I am going to just mention a few. Let's see in NC there is Fort Bragg, then there is Fort Jackson in SC, and then there is Fort Gordon in Augusta, GA and Fort Benning in Columbus, GA. There is Fort Campbell in KY. And then there is Fort Hood in Texas. Take away all that government spending from those southern states and what do you think would happen to their economy? So, the Republicans are against Health Care reform and when they controlled Congress and the White House they let the insurance companies have the favored status of no real competition, but now that the Democrats want to reform the system and level the playing field, we are going socialist. Without all the Federal government's spending in the south they would not have an economy. They should keep their mouths shut or somebody will realize just how socialist the south is!

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winslow said...

A long time ago I thought that individuals in top key positions (business and politics) were very intelligent. The evidence is now in, that this assumption is not correct. People are more animalistic than empathetic.

In the news today ....there is a country club that is being sued by a woman member for discrimination........this country club has separate men's and women's restuarants!.....and...the women are not allowed to play golf at the same time as the men. The manager of the club stated that members cannot sue. All the woman member wants is her club dues returned.

Hard to believe this occurs in this day and age!

LceeL said...

Would someone please tell me just when it was that "Socialism" and "Socialist" became a dirty word.

There is a plank in the Progressive platform that epitomizes, for me, what Socialism is - or should be: "Spending the Common Wealth for the Common Good".

What in anybody's name is wrong with that?

Butch said...

Very good. Just think, you only named the foot shoulder bases. You could go further, not necessary, and name the flyboys and the swimmer guys along the shores of the southern states.

Always remember, Republicans are in favor of business and the purse strings that are attached to their apron strings. Thus, if it's good for the health care industry then it must be good for the Republican party and its members.

moneythoughts said...

Butch, I was in the Army, so I thought I would just name a few. You are so right, there are Navy, Marines and Air Force bases in the South too. But, isn't it interesting that all this government spending is not considered socialism?

What gets me is that the Republican Party can convince so many poor people that favoring the insurance industry with limited competition is in these peoples' financial interest. Go figure!

Robin said...

I live in a country with a strong socialist background and you know what? It's got its faults, but it also does a whole lot of good. Not a dirty word in my book at all.