Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Is For Art

Today I am taking a break from writing about the political-economy and instead putting up four pieces of my artwork. They are all paintings except the second piece down. That piece is made out of cardboard, cereal boxes, paper mache, glue, gesso and acrylic paint. Here I am going to give a free plug for GOLDEN liquid acrylic paints in the plastic bottles, they are a little more money, but they spread and cover and they are great to work with. So, if you are not a great artist or painter, like me, try GOLDEN paints in the bottle, I know you will like them.

Now you don't have to understand these pieces to like them, nor do you have to like them if you understand them. Art is something people do. From the cave paintings of prehistoric times to the work of my "favorite" contemporary American artist, Ellsworth Kelly, (it's great work if you can get it), people create art. In some cases, their art is a reaction to the world they live in, but in others it is a reflection of what they think they should be painting, and that too can be considered a reaction to the world they live in. I am not a trained artist. By that I mean, I am not a graduate of an art school, nor do I have a degree from a college in fine art. My father was an artist, and a pretty good one at that. He painted in watercolor. I did not start painting until 1988-89. I started painting large pieces and have reduced the size of my work because of the fact that I would have run out of room. Little pieces of paper are easier to store than six feet by four feet oil on board and plywood and pine constructions. Visit and support your local art museum. A rainy day is a great day to visit your art museum.

Stay tuned.


Julie Schuler said...

I love your frames. And I second your comments. Go see some art!

Jientje said...

Don't think too little of yourself. You have a style of your own which I like a lot, and I would like it even more if I understood it better.

Robin said...

I like your mixed media, I'd be interested to see more of it.

As someone who can't draw a straight line with a ruler myself, I'm fascinated by people who can take a blank piece of paper and a few paints and turn it into art.