Friday, March 19, 2010

Health Care Debate: What Are They Selling?

The Health Care debate in the United States continues to heat up. This morning I read how an 11 year old boy from Washington State that lost his mother to cancer has been attacked by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Well, in my opinion, anyone and everyone who enters the battlefield of the debate on Health Care becomes a combatant. I know it isn't fair to go after an 11 year old boy, especially one who has lost his mother, but you have to realize that America in at war. No, not the wars overseas, I am talking about the cultural wars right here at home. Should we call out Homeland Security or dial 911? No, these cultural wars are part of any dynamic country of 300 million people. But, you need to look at what people are selling.

Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck sell fear. That's right, they sell fear to the fearful and it is big business. Just as Sonny in the movie The Apostle sold JESUS and HOLY GHOST fever to the people of his little church, Rush and Glenn are selling too. This doesn't have anything to do with health care or the reform of health care. This has everything to do with selling fear, fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of being taken out of their comfort zone.

We live in interesting times. Our Congress, made up of people from all over this country, and yet, not one Republican can find his or her way to vote for this health care bill? There is big money in fear and there is big money promoting fear of change. People that have little are fearful of losing what they have. And having a black man pushing so hard for change, even though he is the elected president of the people of the United States of America, is just to juicy an opportunity for people that are pedaling fear to pass up.

So, it does not surprise me that an 11 year old boy who lost his mother to cancer, being brought into the battle for health care, is attacked by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. "Change is hard", President Obama has said many times. So, we just got to stay true to our beliefs and march on for health care reform.

Stay tuned.


LceeL said...

As i recall, there is an ancient Chinese curse - "May you live in interesting times."


Butch said...

These two scum bags ARE the fear. They argue for the sake of arguing because it makes THEM money and their stations.

There is "nothing to fear but fear itself" has never been truer and I do fear these two ***holes. They DO NOT contribute to society in any way shape or form.

moneythoughts said...

I agree with Lou, and I agree with Butch. The ideas about leveling the health care playing field and giving the individual more choice is at the heart of what the insurance companies are fighting about through their proxies like Rush and Glenn. But, perhaps this time reform will succeed. Even without a single Republican vote.

Julie Schuler said...

I have never seen a a bunch of people as damned as those that would harangue a grieving child.